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New York Anthrax Case Fans Fears

NEW YORK (AP) New Yorkers streamed into emergency rooms after an assistant to NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw was infected with anthrax, intensifying fear about bioterrorism in a city and nation already on edge officials said it was an isolated case and no cause for alarm. The letter to NBC and another letter containing an unknown powder that arrived yesterday at the offices of The New York Times both were postmarked from St. Petersburg, Fla., and had similar handwriting, the FBI said.

-- (too@close.tohome), October 13, 2001


Mebbe I was too much a rebel trouble making teenager, but....I can see giggling teenage troubled makers mailing talcum powder to people they don't like just to scare them. I'm pretty sure that Tom Creamer, Joe Emig, and I would have done so.

But I have grown up since then, no really, I have.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 13, 2001.

Stollen from Gayla's post over at TB2K --

You can hear it here:

Go down to Brokaw: Anthrax hits NBC

-- (Isteal@things.too), October 13, 2001.

BTW, someone on another thread on TB2K asked about the potential for the anthrax spore powder to be dusted onto paper money. Hmmmm.....

-- Dennis Olson (, October 13, 2001.

Heck, there's already trace amounts of coke on $50 and $100 bills.

-- (always@some.thing), October 13, 2001.

too@close.tohome = Lurker22. In honor of it being a new board, I'll use a consistant handle for awhile.

-- (Lurker22@somewhere.cold), October 13, 2001.

I've had every general symptom of anthrax since 9-11.

The intestinal kind, which I thought was from bad preps but turned out to be a flu going around.

The inhaled kind, which looks like pneumonia and everyone around me has it too.

The skin kind, which is an infection started in a break in the skin that leaves a black center to the wound, which I thought was a spider bite.

It's not anthrax, but if I weren't pathologically afraid of hospital-acquired diseases, I could see how people would head to an ER in panic.

-- helen (spit@samples.available.upon.request), October 13, 2001.

You forgot to mention the powder that Mike spread around the mailbox, just to see if you were paying attention.

-- (Lurker22@somewhere.cold), October 13, 2001.

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