low pressure irrigation

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I attended the Horse Progress Days in IN this year and observed a plastic film being applied by horse power to a raised bed. Along with the film was a 1/4" or so plastic tube put down on top of the bed but under the plastic film which I think was for irrigation. If this is correct, how does the low pressure system function? I didn't ask at the event as they were behind schdule already.

-- jim phillips (jhphillips@ccrtc.com), October 13, 2001


We don't use the plastic film but we DO use the low pressure irrigation system. Ours works by using either 1/2 inch tubing with drip emitters or t-tape which has channels inside of it which regulate the flow out of slits cut into the tape. The whole thing connects to a pressure regulator (ours is for low pressure water pumps) and we love it. Got ours from Dripworks (www.dripworksusa.com) I would guess you saw t-tape being laid down for use with row crops.

-- Bev C (sinkcar@yahoo.com), October 13, 2001.

Hi Jim, This sounds very much like T-Tape. Brilliant stuff, low cost, low cost fittings and easy to install and use. I irrigated two commercial greenhouses with it last year, growing beds with gherkins, tomatoes, courgettes etc. I built a low cost electronic timer unit that operated a solenoid valve, which controlled the flow of water to the tape. It turned the valve on for 15 -20 mins each morning. Worked a treat and all powered from an old car battery. ps. if you do use it and want a no cost end stop to a run, just tie a knot in it !

-- Ken Duggan (kduggan@mrao.cam.ac.uk), October 16, 2001.

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