[Internet][10-23] NAHA & Orguss the.foEhammer LIVE

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Syndicate Recordings is proud to bring you another amazing live show via the Internet featuring some true talent from the northwest hardcore/techno scene..

Tuesday October 23rd..

7-9 PM PST, Orguss the.foeHammer (Leach, UK) is a Live Gabber techno PA, based out of Seattle Washington, USA. Orguss blends four on the floor Gabber with Break Core, Noise Core and other underground techno styles (http://orguss.supahfly.com)

9-11 PM PST, NAHA (System 6) is one of Seattle's premier female DJ's, whose eclectic style will leave you on the edge of your seat. With her arsenal of hardcore, techno, and breaks, she knows how to rock the dance floor, switch it up, and keep it fresh. Her current mix CD Bring It To the Table showcases her signature style of hardcore laced with hard jungle rhythms and gritty hip-hop elements. (http://djnaha.homestead.com)

The shoutcast (mp3) is now streaming at 56k and 24k providing you with a more quality audio experience. Keep an eye on http://www.syndicaterecordings.net for an archive of this show (and others), as well as information regarding future events..

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2001

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