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I am looking for cheap ideas for neices, they are 12, 14, 16. I do sew & crafts but never know what to do for them. We have a son this age and many nephews but stuck on the girls.

-- DW (, October 13, 2001


One of the things I am doing for my daughters is to fill a box with personal type items that they want but I am too cheap to buy! Like expensive shanmpoo and conditioner, lip-gloss, body sprays, new toothbrushes, kids sparkly toothpaste, glittery eye-shadow. Maybe some neat socks, gloves, scented deoderant, fancy soaps. Don't read this thread girls!!

You could probably pick a theme and just fill a box or basket with anything depending on their interest. Art and Craft supplies, school supplies, stationary with different kinds of paper, gel pens, stamps, or a basket with different kinds of candy or gum (a rare treat here that my kids will make last for months). I really like the basket idea as I can pick up little things each time I am in town and I don't have to have a big sum of money all at once. This is actually the kind of gift you can give each year and they will look forward to it. Since you sew maybe you could add some kind of small item, like a scarf for their dresser, or some small home-made craft. We have a Dollar Tree store where everything is one dollar. I go there often just looking for these types of items. I hope this helps.

-- Melissa (, October 13, 2001.

I give subscriptions to a Christian Teen magazine called Brio. This is something they might not think of themselves but they have all enjoyed the magazine . It has positive inputs to their lives versus the "Ten Sexy things to do to your boyfriend on Prom Night" articles in Seventeen magazine.

I tape movies they might like from the tube and package with popcorn and a candy bar for a night in.

Phone cards are nice so they can keep in touch while on vacation or with friends ( or you) who have moved away.

Hair stuff/Nail stuff.

Stationary and gel pens.

Make flannel boxers for sleepwear.

Scrapbooks, cameras, film.

Gift certificates for Walmart.

-- Ann Markson (, October 13, 2001.

I like the theme basket idea. Then the gift certificate idea got me thinking. You may need to get with the parents on this one, but what about a night out with either you or a parent? Go out to eat, or whatever; give each girl an opportunity for some uninterrupted time one-on-one. My own children love this; we sometimes are able to throw in a shopping trip, but with the younger ones it can be as simple as tagging along on errands and getting a rare coke. Supper out and coming home when everyone else is in bed (or at least in pajamas) really makes their eyes shine.

-- Cathy N. (, October 13, 2001.

The rage now is the jeans and shirts with glitter on them, all over or stenciled in, I just bought my dd some irregular jeans at an outlet for $6.00 a pair, I had some silver, red, and multicolored glitter fabric paint, on the black pair of jeans I just took a wet sponge and smeared the glitter all over, then took heart, butterfly, and dragon fly stencils, (things I had laying around) and stenciled or blotted with the glitter, the butterflies turned out real pretty, going to use my sewing machine to put some fancy stitching at the bottom of a pair of khaki jeans. Also my 13 yr old neice will still wear the hair scarves, not sure about the older girls though.

-- Carol in Tx (, October 13, 2001.

I was thinking of getting Marcy (19) a cake decorating set. She likes to bake alot. For Sarah (17)maybe a candle making set. I wanted to get them something crafty and some of the stuff they could take with them when they leave home. They already all their sewing, crocheting and knitting things. I am also thinking of getting their hope chest built up. I had one finished by the time I was 19. For my son I am thinking of getting the supplies to make our own pop.

-- Cindy Herbek (, October 13, 2001.

Ooh thats a good idea..maybe a special china tea cup and saucer from a flea market or auction to go in the "hopeless" chest!! That s what we used to jokingly call them. Or any other homemaking doo dad to make their future home lovely. Books are always nice and that magazine subscription idea was great!

-- Alison in N.S. (, October 15, 2001.

Last year I asked for some of my teenage cousins old clothing and baby clothes.I then made simple patch (slightly bigger than a lap quilt)tie quilt. It has memorys and love in every stitch. They loved it and it cost me 4.32 apiece.

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (, October 15, 2001.

Cindy, Love the pop making supplies. I think my son would LOVE it. I have bottles, lids and capper. This could be a fun xmas break project! Thanks

-- DW (, October 20, 2001.

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