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what are your thoughts on canning water ? i know someone went to mexico some years ago on a car trip and he said something about taking his own water, i believe he said he either pressure canned it or hot water bathed it.

does anyone see any reason to do this? looks like a bit more work than just putting water in containers and adding a few drops of bleach. what about longterm storage? in light of possible terrorists poisioning water supplies, what do you think?


-- gene ward (, October 13, 2001


I have a friend that does this with her empty jars as they accumulate. I use empty bleach bottles. There is sufficient residue bleach in them, just fill with water, cap and use a grease marker to put on date (701 = July 01). Then when I get my supply together, I use the OLDEST one for washing and the newest for food prep, drinking. This method was from the RED CROSS in S.F. when we took an earthquake prep. class. When we moved to VA in 1991 - it sure got these city folk through the ice storm when we had no well and my neighbors were staying in motels! Dont forget you have water in your hot water tank also - but no potable water there. I use empty liter soda bottles (get them from friends) and 3 will flush a toilet well. Laundramats in CA gave me empty bleach bottles too,.

-- Dottie Shafer (, October 13, 2001.

gene,excellent question. i've been wondering about that,and look forward to seeing the answers! welli'm off to the dump to maybe get some canning jars :') fred

-- fred in wi (, October 13, 2001.

When I was a kid the water in Lake Ontario (we pump out of the lake for water) was a mess with algae and dead fish--smelled like a sewer when August rolled around each year. We stored gallon jugs in the cellar with a few drops of chlorox. Never had problems. Just make sure the jugs are clean and don't use something that wasn't food in the first place if you don't want a funny taste. Some plastics hold too much chemical from what was in them and might be unsafe. I wouldn't mind using old bleach jugs as someone noted above, but if it comes to other cleaners I'd pass on them. The water in the lake has cleaned up very well in the last ten-15 years and we don't do this anymore, however, the water is still in the jugs in the cellar for an emergency and I'd use it with out hesitation. I also have an old 400 gallon ss bulk milk tank filled with water outside, which we used the same way as the water jugs. It's covered and might have a few bugs in it but if I had to I'd just strain them out. Covered and out of the sun you don't get any growth in the water.

I'd never bother with canning water. Hardly think you could can all you need for long term use, anyway. You'd need hundreds of gallons. I'd say go with the bulk tank if you're really worried. :)

-- Jennifer L. (Northern NYS) (, October 13, 2001.

we have a well that goes out every 2-3 months. Once we were without water for almost 2 weeks. We have pond water for flushing the stool but we can not drink it. When I am canning produce and the canner is not full I add a quart jar filled with hot water and then process. I use the pressure canner or the water bath canner. It does not matter if I water/bath for 10 min or pressure for 60 min. As long as the jar seals the water will stay fresh. I have 50 quarts of water on hand. When I am canning and find I am short a jar I open one of the water jars and use it as I know it is already clean. I also keep juice/soda jugs of water for bathing and dish washing. For every 5 gallon of water I add 1/4 teaspoon of bleach. I got this "solution" from the extension office and it keeps the water for at least one year.

-- jamie (, October 13, 2001.

I would think that the cost of canning, (lids, electricity, gas) would be higher than buying water at Walmart. We have well water but I use distilled water from Walmart for canning. It's only 68 cents a gallon. I have several gallon (unopened) in the celler along with several gallons of well water to be used for dishes ect. Personally, I wouldn't mess with canning water.

-- Belle (, October 13, 2001.

I understand the reason for canning water is to sterilize it for medical purposes. In an emergency, if someone is very ill--especially elderly or children or one of these bio things, then you don't want to run the risk of making them sicker by giving them questionable or possibly contaminated water. also would be better for cleaning wounds.

This canned sterilized water is in addition to your normal water stores in the bleach jugs, barrels, etc. more a part of medical preparations.


-- edith ensley (, October 14, 2001.

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