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Hi, I am new to soap making. I have just made a batch of soap with Olive Oil, Coconut oil and avocado oil. I used no colorants. The bar is very white and solid. I recently went to a fair and bought some handmade soaps that were beautiful, and semi transparent. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or recipes that I can use that would make a more transparent soap. I want to make this from scratch, not from glycerin melt and pour. Thanks

-- Elysse (, October 13, 2001


sounds like gliceryn soap

-- stan (, October 13, 2001.

Here is a recipe I have used to make a clear soap. It takes a while to cure Out so it does not smell like alcohol but it makes a great mild soap that does not dry your skin.Faux Glycerine Soap. 1 cup tallow,1/2 cup melted cocconut oil( or use olive) 2/3 cup glycerine,3/4 cup water. 4 TABLESPOONS Lye flakes,1 to 1 1/2 cups Isopropyl alcohol. Melt tallow and oil and cool to lukewarm.stir lye into cold water and cool to lukewarm.Pour lye mixture into oil mixture,stirring to emulsify.When creamy ,add glycerine and stir to mix completely. Pour into mold greased with vaseline. After 3 days grate soap into top of double boiler and heat gently over boiling water.When melted add alcohol and stir constantly,when liquid is transparent lift the spoon; if a ropey thread forms remove from heat. If a skin forms immediatly upon removing from heat pour into molds. Unmold after a few days and stack to air dry for 2 weeks. Remember to only use glass or stainless steel for making soap as aluminum will react to aluminum.

-- Carla Sloan (, October 13, 2001.

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