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What a pleasant site! I have a question, bear with me: We bought this property, and built our house on it..and in the woods behind our house, we found some old farm equipment. This is what it looks like; One of them has a seat on it then a long pole (thingy) forward..then something else **this is why I warned you to bear with me!!** I think a plow. Its metal, and like a spiral. What is it (If you follow my terrible description) and what is it worth? We don't need it, and if it's worth anything, we hope to trade someone who CAN use it, for something we can use. I'm not looking at it right now, so maybe the thingy goes in the back..*smile* I'm smarter then I sound!

Let me know if you can tell :)

Thanks, Aimee Gosse.

-- Aimee Gosse (, October 12, 2001


Aimee, plows do not have seats, their not needed on a plow, you might have a seeder or a planter where hands on is needed, a better description is needed to identify what you have; a hay rake or tedder do not have a seat, a planter does; ask an old timmer what you have; the answer will be a _________ no longer in use due to advancement in ag equiment.

-- mitch hearn (, October 12, 2001.

Glad you are joining us! If there are Amish people in your area, they may be interested in your old equipment. I have no idea what it is! But as Mitch said it is probably some sort of planter. I have seen the Amish sitting on various implements and planting things like strawbwerries, onions and potatoes. However I am not that educated on farm equipment. I know they love to find and use old things like this. I hope you enjoy our site! Melissa

-- Melissa (, October 13, 2001.

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