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Mitch, what's for dinner tonight?

-- Elizabeth (, October 12, 2001


Well, Liz I done did it and it was a chicken thighe maranated in "Old Dutch Sweet & Sour" (can only be found in the deep south) with liquid hickory flavoring and a heavy sprinkle of poultry seasoning and "Everglades Seasoning" (COBFITDS with or without MSG). Then boiled in a cast iron pot for about 15 to 20 minutes and then adding yellow rice, covered and simmered for another 30 minutes; rounding this out was a cup of Orential stir fry veggies with a sprinkle of extra sharp chedder.

For those of you who will be needing Christmas presents for co workers or distant relatives: "Old Dutch Sweet & Sour", Reily Foods; P.O. Box 60296; New Orleans, La, 70160

"Everglades Foods, Inc"; P.O. Box 595; LaBelle, Fla 33975 800-689- 2221.

Just make sure the co workers, ect. are people who are deserving enough for something this good!!

-- mitch hearn (, October 13, 2001.

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