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Kenneth, you did not really exspect me to take second billing on this marquee, did you?

I did something really scarry and horrible today: I cranked up the old van and went into town, not just the local town but the big town of Martinsburg W. Va., 76 miles away to get registered in at the Vetrans Medical facility for my heart treatments and medicines. I looked all over the rear of the van but could not find the magnet that attracts all them cars so close to my bumper, so I got to cypherin that maybe they have the magnets in the front of their cars. Its so annoying to have someone sitting back behind you like they will make you go faster by just being there. I am not mopping along at 35 in a 55 zone, I run about 60 and it still is not fast enough for them, if nascar drivers want to learn to draft W. Va. is the place.

I am meeting a few of the locals, usually trap one by himself at a restaurant. The people here see things in black and white; good or bad; yes or no; there is no middle ground that I have found yet. And they do not use dry humor; maybe don't accept that is exists. The example being when he mentioned rednecks, I dryly replied "Their not rednecks anymore, to be politically correct they are pink collar workers", it was understood to be humor; later in the same conservation discussing dumbness I agreeded with him and taped the side of my head with one finger and said "kidneys"; he looked at me as if insanity had taken over.

The deer here are tame enough that I can recoginize individuals via the scars and mannorisims, not going to name them though, its too close to hunting season. I saw a totally black squrril a couple days ago, first one this lifetime and last week there was a large fox racing accross my yard.

Fall is defiancely here painting its slow fire accrossed all that stands and reaches; but among them are those that are a more ancient sect of those that stands and reaches; whom decorate themselves with the cold blanket and crystals, laughing at old man winter and ignoring the slow fire paint, these are my sentinels, keeping my spirits alive as sundown comes to this year.

The little scurry fuzzies are collecting their stash, in record amounts according to the locals. Normal is 4 inches of snow with a 3 to 5 day melt off I am told; It will be my luck that this is the year when records are set, I have allready had 27 "disagrees" in the morning a few days back, but today it hit 80. Well, I reckon this is enough jawing for now, youall behave yourselves or don't get caught....

-- mitch hearn (, October 12, 2001


Mitch - that was just delightful! Please keep on a-sharin your adventures in Bear Country.

-- Dianne (, October 12, 2001.

Actuall I figured you'd answer the question. Sorry Didn't realize your ego was so out of whack. Won't happen again.

-- Kenneth in N.C. (, October 16, 2001.

Ken, my question to you was meant as dry humor, I just didn't put enough question marks behind it to alert everybody. I apoligize if I offended you; if you will take notice to the other posts here and CS and country families, you will see that I only use lower case for my name while most others use upper case for their names first letters. It would necessary to have an ego before it could be out of whack!!

-- mitch hearn (, October 16, 2001.

Sorry Mitch many years ago I was taught that personal nouns (names & such) get a capital letter at the beginning. OK I'll take it as dry humor. Been having a rough few weeks. Heart condition ya know.

-- Kenneth in N.C. (, October 19, 2001.

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