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One of the great joys of country living is watching the sky at night. If you haven't spotted the International Space Station yet, here's the URL to NASA that will give you a list of cities world wide with tracking data. The ISS is quite a bright satellite, especially when a shuttle is docked, and everyone ought to see if they can spot it once in awhile. :) Satellite Sighting Information

-- Jennifer L. (Northern NYS) (, October 11, 2001


On November 18 of this year, there will be a spectacular shooting star display from the Constilation Leo. The Leonoid meteror shower should display over 100 shooting stars per hour. This event occurs every year at this time, some years are better than others.

This is during deer season in Missouri. Three years ago I went out on one of the more open tree stands at 3:30am just to watch the show. It was awesome! Must have seen over 500, some of them very bright. The last two years have not been as billiant, but the scientists are saying this years will be great. Hope their right.

-- Rickstir (, October 12, 2001.

You might be interested in this free software, Skyglobe. I've used it for a few years. It's a real-time location based star/planet map. Well made and works nice. http://astro4.ast.vill .edu/skyglobe.htm

-- Dave (, October 12, 2001.

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