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Get with the love, you fuckers.

-- Michael Bourke (, October 11, 2001



-- Nude Spock (, October 12, 2001.

This is not what I had envisioned..

-- Michael Bourke (, October 13, 2001.

Love stinks!

-- the fly (, October 13, 2001.

You're Irish. Limerick or Dublin?

-- David (, October 13, 2001.

They're both terrible. Cork.

-- Michael Bourke (, October 14, 2001.

...although I live in Limerick if thats what you mean.

-- Michael Bourke (, October 14, 2001.

Ahh, limerick you say...

There once was a man from Madrass Who's balls were constructed of brass When jangled together They played stormy weather And lightening shot out of his ass!

How's that fer a limerick?

-- the fly (, October 14, 2001.

Why Cork? Is it because of less exposure to the place?

-- David (, October 14, 2001.

Possibly. Although I have less exposure to Dublin and I still hate the place.

-- Michael Bourke (, October 15, 2001.

People are a lot more welcoming in Cork. A stranger could start a converstion with you in a pub, that would never happen in Dublin or Limerick. A lot of my friends went to college in Cork so I used to spend a lot of weekends there. It's also got the best dance club in Ireland too. I havent went to Sir Henry's in a while though. Whats it like these days?

-- Michael Bourke (, October 15, 2001.

I'm a relatively young 'un, so I don't know.

-- David (, October 15, 2001.

Michael, come on.......lets be honest. I always start conversations with people I dont know in Dublin. What do you think? We all just dont talk to each other? It's Ireland for god sake.

As for Clubs, Henrys is too big and poorly done up to even get close to being the best club in Ireland. This is not mentioning the poor music. The Kitchen on thursday nights is ungodly and no matter who's DJing is great. It's a nicer venue than anywhere I've been to in Ireland and the only place I'd call a "club" without feeling like I was lying.

-- Ronan (, October 28, 2001.


-- rainy (, October 28, 2001.

Hm, I was in "The Club That Bono Built" a couple of years ago and I wasnt all that impressed although it was a quiet night when I went there so I would be willing to give the place a second chance. I'll admit that Sir Henry's is erm, a bit shambolic to say the least but thats part of its charm;)

"Poor music"?! I've seen some ace techno DJ's there (Slam, Dave Clarke) and they're always good for some jackin' house music.

-- I WUV RAINY (, October 29, 2001.

Yeah but good djs will make shit clubs seem better even. I've seen Jon Carter in the (at the times in question absolutely jam packed) Kitchen twice, and they were two of the best nights I've ever had.

BUT.......I also go there when there are smallish names like Redsettaz or Philip Boyle djing and I enjoy myself. It's a personal thing I guess but suffice to say I've been there every Thursday since I finished school in June bar maybe 2 or 3. Also on tuesdays, if techno is your cup of tea, they play techno, and if vodka is your cup of tea its a pound a shot on tuesdays.

-- Ronan (, October 31, 2001.

yay michael bourke hurrah

-- Mitch Lastnamewithheld (, November 02, 2001.

me lovee mitch...blkwahfhekhfkdsjh...and there forth

-- Michael Bourke (, November 03, 2001.


-- rainy (, November 03, 2001.

I love everyone! I feel like making a picture...

-- james (, November 04, 2001.

-- james (, November 04, 2001.

i can tell that comes from the heart, james..

-- Mitch Lastomethingorother (, November 05, 2001.

I don't just spend hours drawing robots for nothing Mitch!...I'm planning to spread joy to the whole damn world, via robot pictures! wahoo!!

-- sleepy seaplane (, November 05, 2001.

james, your picture is an angelfire banner! (on my pc, at least)

-- mitch lastplanetosaganaw (, November 06, 2001.

Damn angelfire! They messed with my life! It was a robot!

-- james (, November 07, 2001.

Yup......there's another one !!!

-- Michael Bourke (, December 18, 2001.

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