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I am trying to locate the Statutory Instruments for the BS Act 1986. in particular those that refer to the things the lender should do when reselling a house that has been repossed. Can I find them in the Library. What do i ask for?


-- Ron Evans (, October 11, 2001


I'd suggest your best bet would be to ask the Librarian at your library...

-- Chris (, October 11, 2001.

Hello Ron, I think the reference section of your local library will be able to help. However, just to keep you going .... the B.Soc. Act 1986 requires the lender to 'obtain the best price reasonably available'. If they are to comply with that legal requirement they will have to carry out reasonable marketing,otherwise the whole thing can become a joke - as many of us know to our cost. There are other steps that you can take - e-mail me privately if you wish. Good luck, Joy.

-- Joy Harker (, October 12, 2001.

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