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My water pump is recycling too frequently. The pump goes on after only a quart of water (the drawdown) is delivered. When the pump goes on the pressure tank pressurizes in 15 seconds. The result is that the pump is going on for very short periods, several times even after a toilet flush.

I have a seven year old diaphram pressure tank, a model V260 made by "A.O. Smith - Aqua-Air". These are apparently sold now by Goulds. The pressure cutoffs are set at 40-60 psi. I am pretty sure the pump and sensors are correct and suspect the tank is the culprit.

The air pressure is difficult to measure. When I try to measure it, air rushes out until I play with the valve stem and it stops. The pressure readings I get are too low (about 20 pounds), but I have had a great deal of trouble getting air into it. I have replaced the valve stem and this has not helped.

Does this thing need to be replaces again? How long are these tanks meant to last? Are there any suggestions from folks out there that might help me get more than a quart of water between times when the pump recycles?

-- William Swope (, October 11, 2001


William: It sounds like your diaphram in your tank may be leaking and your pressure tank is water logged. If that is the case you must turn of you pump and drain out all the water out of your pressure tank. To get it all out you may have to pump up your tank with air.

-- Tom Scholtz (, October 11, 2001.

William, this same problem is discussed and answered many times in the old answers, just schrool to the bottom and read the threads about water.

-- mitch hearn (, October 11, 2001.

The bladder tank is one of lifes big rips. Mine only lasted a few 5 yrs. By putting the air hose on it ever so often I went another 2 yrs before it rusted through. Then I switched back to the old style with a snifter valve and bleeder, plus air control in tank. Now, no problems. The air valve you mention leaking is a simple tire valve. Can replace as easy as in a tire.

We have one well with a standard 40 gallon pressure tank about 40 yrs old and still not even rusty. I'll not buy another bladder unit. Don

-- Don (, October 12, 2001.

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