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Hi! I've kinda read your stuff for a while off and on. You have a personal style that is very comfortable to read. Lately you don't write much. Is something wrong? I think Sam has some issues but then again I don't know him personally. If you want to talk or anything write me at calrice@hotmail.com. You seem so sweet. W/B Callie

-- Caroline Rice (), October 11, 2001


Response to just a reader

Hello. No, there is nothing wrong with me... I haven't written for two reasons, one being my site has been having technical difficulties for awhile now and makes it harder to update and I've been incredibly busy in school. It has nothing to do with Sam, and he doesn't have any issues that anyone needs to know about, or any issues period.

-- Jen (Jen@echoside.net), October 11, 2001.

Caroline or whoever.. I have no issues that I know of, whats with you? write me if you have questions. sambo18@hotmail.com

-- Sam Giorgianni (sambo18@hotmail.com), October 12, 2001.

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