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I have been assigned to a position of classroom teaching for keyboard in primary schools. My position commences term 4, 2001. I am an experienced piano teacher where I have been teaching students of all ages on a one to one basis. The number of students in each class is an average of 10 pupils. All keyboards are supplied as well as a set music program which ranges from beginner level to advanced students. I would like to hear from any teachers which have had classroom teaching experience, on any helpful hints in this area.

-- Joanna Lamanna (, October 10, 2001


The Harmony Road Music Course is a great group program! Unlike other piano programs where you are basically taking a "private" method book and adapting it to a group class, HR was designed for a group atmosphere and incoorporates other aspects of music like singing, ear training, rhythm and keyboard ensembles. It's all part of the curriculum. There are 120 locations nationwide (I have one of them) and they have a website:, where you can check them out. It's a parent participation program, however, if you are teaching kids age 8-11 or so, parents aren't required to be there, which may work well in your situation. Hope this helps! Also, you can phone Jan Keyser at HR (800) 727-7315 for

-- alexandra hawley (, October 14, 2001.

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