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I am interested in growing some coffee plants and would like to know where to buy either saplings or seeds that I can plant and grow.

I also interested in knowing the growing environments that are best suited for growing.


-- Ben Acre (, October 10, 2001


Hi Ben

I am from South Africa where I work on my family farm, Beaver Creek Coffee Estate, of three generations. Here we do all our own curing, sun drying and roasting.

The basic requirements to grow coffee is as follows: Temp: seasonal temperatures between 20-26 degrees celsius no frost Altitude: optimum between 900m-1200m Soil: minimum depth of 1.5m, free drainage, medium texture and good aeration (ph 4.5-5.5)

Coffee is best grown in a globe encircling tropical belt of between 23 degrees north and 30 degrees south of the equator.

Coffee is a very hardy plant and which grows and produces coffee in areas which are varied. It all depends on the cultivar you choose which is more suitable for your area.

We have two main cultivars both of the Arabica variety, SL28 which originates from Tanzania and Catuai (Brazil), these are suitable for our local climatic, altitude etc conditions.

I am unsure of world laws on the transportation of seeds, but we would be happy to send seeds at a nominal fee.

If you would like to contact me call +27393132347 or +278200864.

Yours sincerely

Dylan Cumming Coffee Manager

-- Dylan Cumming (, October 18, 2001.

not all that as been said it is true temperature 30 to 38 humidity is a major fact coffe wheder is Arabica or Robusta need in the month of march to aug.appx 75 to 80 % I am a dealer of coffee and i sell coffe from cameroon , Kinsgasa Congo and Angola buy same green coffee beans and place them in a moist soil keep the soil at a temperature of 28 to 30 centigrade and you mite be looky and have a good plant dont forghet that it need a lot of sun 12 month out of the year good look

-- Antonio Pinna (, May 05, 2002.

Hello My 'answer'is a question. I have been trying to start seeds of a variety of coffee called Catura. It can grow in full sun. Thus far, no luck germinating seeds.

I need to either do seeds or to buy saplings. Any help would be appreciated thanks

-- robert wayne fontenot (, May 11, 2002.

I have available some coffee plants that i have been trying to grow over here, however its very hard and if you have pointers on growing plants in a hostile climatic enviroment i might be willing to part with one of my plants am in warwick RI

-- Phillip (, August 19, 2002.

Coffee seed dries out and becomes inviable very quickly - germination rates will be very low after 6 months of harvest even assuming correct treatment was applied.

Otherwise try germinating in a plate - keep moist and in temperature range of +\- 20 - 25 degrees. Once germinated, transplant into a pot.

Cattura will grow well in full sun, but if temperatures exceed 30 degrees, shade will be beneficial. WON'T tolerate frost.

-- Alexander Kay (, December 23, 2002.

hi, can anybody help me to buy coffee beans/seeds in UK? Thanks

-- Lucy (, December 28, 2002.

Richters in Canada ships seed worldwide and they do have coffee:

I just started 120 coffee beans (I have a small nursery retail / wholesale business) Coffee takes 60 days to germinate and needs bottom heat. If you have a coffee roaster in your area (Seattle is full of them) then just ask for raw coffee beans - that's how I got mine! (and a LOT more than I ever wanted or needed!)

-- Nancy (, March 24, 2003.


I planted about 30 seeds about 2 months ago and germinated 50% of them. I planted anothers 4 pounds with a nursery owner in Gainesville, Fl. also I came back from Honduras (where I got my seeds)and brought 2.5 more lbs of treated and certified seed. I plan to grow full plants `put them in pots and offer them to possible coffe plant buyers. The variety is catuai. I probably can bring 100lbs or more very soon. The problem is that coffee season is over and viable seeds do not last when seed is dry. I will keep you posted.


-- gustavo (, May 04, 2003.

Question: I live in northern calif. in a banana belt can I grow coffee here? If so what kind and where can I get plants or beans.

-- michael Kindscher (, May 13, 2003.

I am interested in the process of growing coffee beans in my area, but I'm unsure of how this procedure is done. Where I live, however, may not be suitable as the climate changes, seasonally, and I'm not sure of how to go about doing this at all. I live in the southern part of British Columbia, Canada, and the temp. goes from hot to very cold, depending on the season, and because of this, I'm not even sure where to turn if I were to purchase beans within Canada? If that is even possible? If someone could assist me in this topic, I would very much appreciate it. I can be contacted at my email address, or snail-mail: Patsy Kruger RR#2 Site 50 Comp. 28 Penticton, B.C. V2A 6J7

Thank you.

-- Patsy Kruger (, June 30, 2003.

I have about 3,000 baby coffee plants (8/11/04)in North Seattle (Mountlake Terrace) - seeds are from Nicaragua, from one of the caturra variety, grown at elevation > 3,500' feet. They are doing pretty good, growing healthy. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in coffee plants. / Jose Blandon / Blandon Irrigation - 206-255-7356 / 8792

-- Jose Blandon (, August 11, 2004.

I just returned from a vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii where I visited Kona Joe's coffee farm. I got the bug to try growing a few coffee plants here in San Clemente, Southern California. What kind of coffee is "Kona Coffee"? It's the best I've ever tasted but VERY expensive! Thanks,

-- Jim Vickers (, March 01, 2005.

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