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I have been using an old pentax spot meter with good results. I did get it off ebay and since it had no manual I basically figured out how to use it. One thing I hope someone can clear up is when the number in the meter is higher than 10 what do you match it up with since the dial only goes to 10? I hope this makes since. Situations over 10 are usually pretty bright. So far I just guesstamate which means I usually over expose it.

many thanks

-- echard wheeler (, October 10, 2001


I use a Pentax Digital Spot meter and my numbers go to 21.? I think. So I will guess that you are talking about an anolog meter. There should be a button for High range and Low range. I think it might be near where your thumb would be while holding the meter. So I would say that you need to find this button and figure out how to use it. Providing it is good working order, this should be a good meter for you to use.

-- Jeff White (, October 10, 2001.

I'm looking at my Pentax Analog Meter, and I think the scale at which you are looking is the linear Cine scale. (Is that what it's called.) I ignore this scale.

You should set the ASA on the meter, determine the EV (exposure value) that you see in the view finder, and then turn the dial on the outside of the meter until the arrow at the bottom of this dial is positioned at that EV. The speed/aperture combinations that are appropriate for this level of light (assuming a Zone 5 exposure) can be read at the top of the dial.

-- neil poulsen (, October 10, 2001.

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