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Could anyone help my school project by tellng me the links between lady jane and Arbury Hall and Astley Castle. It would be most helpful as i am from Nuneaton.

-- Mellissa Lucas (, October 10, 2001


Lady Jane Grey's father owned Astley Castle. When Jane was arrested, her Father mounted an attack on London to try and free her. When the attack failed, he fled back to Astley Castle where he hid out in an oak tree for a number of days, before being shopped by his footman, Underwood. Henry was dragged away to meet his fate at the Tower.

If at anytime you get to visit Astley, there is a farm at the main crossroads. From the farm's main yard, you can look out across the fields and walk to a stone which marks the location of the oak tree Henry hid out in. The tree blew down in a storm many years ago. The stone is incorrectly marks, having the date of Jane's execution marked on it as the date of Henry's.

I read a very good book on the subject, entitled simply 'Lady Jane Grey', and it is available in the Nuneaton Library. One point to note, is that Jane's ghost is reputed to haunt the castle. This I find hard to believe as there is no evidence that shows that Jane ever visited the castle. She spent most of her life ar Bradgate Park in Leicester.

I hope this is a start and good luck with your project.

-- John Deen (, December 11, 2001.

Hi there.

I actually have a photographe of the stone that John is talking about. My boyfriend's grandfather is friends with the farmer who owns the land, so I was allowed to go and see it. It really is in the middle of nowhere and it was quite strange.


-- Jeni (, March 07, 2002.

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