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I am up to now a happy MV F4(1+1) rider in Belgium with around 20 000 km on the counter. 2 months ago I ordered new front brake paths and up to now my (official) dealer could not get any set. They are all used for the production line. I also ordered the set of 2 sprockets and the chain as the original one is used but the same situations occurs. I was also surprised of the very high price for the sprockets. Does any one have a alternative for the original sprockets ?? I hope I do not have to park my bike due to a lack of consumable spareparts for the coming months.

-- Patrick Maes (, October 10, 2001

Answers has a 2 piece rear sprocket solution. They have an Italian counterpart which should make it easier for European delivery.

As far as brake pads go, I believe people have tried non OEM substitutes and have had great success. Your dealer should be able to suggest a suitable one.

20,000 km! wonderful!

-- mod (, October 10, 2001.

Have you tried ordering from the online store Sometimes companies separate their inventory system between online and b&m stores. You could get lucky that MV has done the same.

-- mod (, October 13, 2001.

used EBC brake pads which have improved the braking performance 100%!!

-- fraser butters (, October 10, 2001.

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