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umm, like, hello!?!? how long have I been bugging you about this at your house? and, conisdering I wrote you a fairly decent article over a month ago, BEFORE your last update?

sorry, just ranting, coding's fried me brain.

-- Sanfordini the Impossible (csanford@cnu.edu), October 10, 2001


did you get any sleep yet sanford? btw-you left your cd of pink floyde at my house. and (in the spirit of agreeing and stuff)- Jeremy-what about the other articles i sent? didn't i send you four? or did they not get to you? or did you already post them and i missed it? or, something. yea. go sanfordini. what he said.

-- Christine (crgamache@yahoo.com), October 11, 2001.

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