Has anyone actually had legal action taken against them from this bunch of cowboys .From the date of repossesion to the date of first contact to recover a shortfall a period of 6 years and 3 months had elapsed.Can they now enforce legal action in the recovery of this debt which I believe to now be a non-speciality debt. The mortgage was with CITIBANK. Appreciate any response.

-- Bill Robiinson (, October 09, 2001


We were contacted by Citibank earlier this year at 6 years 3 months from the repossession date. But it was 5 years eleven and a half months after the letter they sent out immediately following the sale of the property. This suggests to me that Citibank and their cronies interpret the 6 year rule as dating from the sale rather than from the repossession. (Or that they simply can't add up - which is obvious from some of their other correspondence!!) How safe an interpretation this is for them remains to be seen in a court of law I think. We're trying everything we can to get them to let us take them there, but they won't play!

-- Melody (, October 10, 2001.

Our Mortgage was with Citibank won't bore you with details other than we would love to be taken to court as information we have smells?? we have been threatened by Easthams, PSPC and now we have been contacted by FTS (whose reg office is same as PSPC ?? ) they are telephoneing my husbands company mobile phone but will not correspond in writing, same problem as you house repossesed Oct 94 sold Feb 95. First contacted Aug 97 still have not ever received any breakdown of amount supposedly owed.Will they ever go away or go to court?

-- Joan Miller (, October 28, 2001.

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