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In a recent letter I received from Abbey National they advised me that they were no longer a Building Society and so did not have to comply with the Building Society Act.

Can anyone give me a bit more information as to what they are if they are not a building society (no swearing please!)

-- Bev (, October 09, 2001


Oh please let me swear!!!!!

They are a Bank as are most of the old BS's like Halifax etc. There are, as far as I know, very few differences between the BS Act and the Banking Acts so whatever they 'do not need to comply with' is probably still a requirement as they are now a bank.

Give a few more details and I may be ablew to assist further.

-- Matt (, October 09, 2001.


I have been requesting a copy of the ONE survey they had done. When they sent it, it was on AN letter head and had the details of the surveyor tippexed out (Name, Co & Quals). I asked them to re-send it leaving this info undeleted and mentioned the BS Act and their requirement to supply this info to me (as suggested by this page) and that's when they wrote back saying that they are no longer a BS and so do not have to comply to the Act.

The survey is also incomplete. I have received 2 pages and in two places, it refers to the continuation pages and supporting reports, which I have not received. The solicitor has said that these two pages are all AN have sent to them. Sounds sus, don't you think?

Any hints?

-- bev (, October 09, 2001.

I'd have thought the obvious answer would be to serve a SARN on them...will cost you a tenner but will:

1. Cause them aggro 2. Cost them more than a tenner (think of all the staff time !) 3. Get you the result you want.

SARNs now no longer apply solely to electronic data (if not now, then very soon - I know the change applies this October, not sure of the exact date).

Probably worth doing, anyway, if you haven't already.

If they're using solicitors then serve a seperate SARN on the solicitor too.


-- Chris (, October 09, 2001.

Hi Bev - thanks for the fax the other week by the way.

I've nothing serious to add except to point out that AN are bound by the BS act if they were a building society at the time you were repossessed, and possibly if they were at the time you took the mortgage out with them. If they say otherwise, claim not to be Bev anymore, you're now Bev PLC and as such not liable for things Bev did.

-- Andy (, October 11, 2001.

Bev, I would just love a copy of that letter. If you can consider this, please contact me privately and we'll work out the details (and I'll tell you a bit more about why). Thanks! Eleanor.

-- E Scott (, October 13, 2001.

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