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In 1992 a relationship I was in ended we had a house in joint names Mortgage with National & Provincial I notified them at time was leaving premises and wished to sign over house to expartner was sent form completed and returned it. Now 9 years later have recieved a demand for shortfall apparently property was repossessed in Jan 2001 I have had no contact with lender since Jan 1993 or ex partner. Was unaware name still on mortgage, not contacted by lender ref arrears or repossession basically sold it ended up with shortfall now chasing me for all of it, have been given statement from lender detaling repairs etc seems high to me. What do I do

-- MSH (, October 09, 2001


I think the SARN route should be your startpoint. It sounds to me like the mortgage was never transferred. They should have written back to you at the time indicating what was/wasn't happening. The absence of a reply is good grounds for telling them to sod-off.

-- (, October 11, 2001.

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