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What are the five biggest things you would like to get done before things get more serious with our national emergency? Mine are:

1)Move to the country quick.

2)Get a garden in for winter.

3)Get milk producing animals and egg producing ones.

4)create alternative sources for energy

5)Get enough storage food.

In short everything I wish I could have had done before now.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little bit farm (littleBit@compworldnet.com), October 09, 2001


My hubby mentioned to me just the other day that of the things we hadn't yet done, he was most concerned about water and fuel. We are on a well, but the pump is electric(and the generator runs on fuel we don't have stocked.) What if we didn't have electricity, and had no way to draw water for ourselves and our stock. We have barrels that we have not yet bothered to refill since the move, and he told me to go ahead then and fill some jars. I agreed it was a good idea, but put it off. Guess what? Yesterday we got a wake up call when the pump went out on the well, and I had to run to Safeway to buy water for brushing teeth! (Still hoping to get that pump replaced today, and thinking of getting better prepared! For me, everything grinds to a halt when I don't have running water)

-- mary (marylgarcia@aol.com), October 09, 2001.

(1) Get enough hay for the goats, we have to do this anyway

(2) Stock up on gas, olive oil, basic supplies and bulk food

(3) Get firewood, again we had to do this anyway.

(4)Get any dental work done and new eyeglasses

(5) If we experience an economic depression, work could be very hard to come by. So things that will aid in self suffiency should be bought now, cheese making supplies for example, and maybe seeds. However there is no assurance that we will not be forced to flee.

Our most important priority at this time should be to pray, study the bible, and place our hopes and trusts above.

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), October 09, 2001.

1) Update our 'bugout' kits, in case we have to evacuate our home PRONTO.

2) Install water source not dependent on any mechanical means.

3) Make sure home is ready for non electrical use.

4) Get fuel for cooking source.

5) Pray that all these preparations will be for nought.

-- j.r. guerra (jrguerra@boultinghousesimpson.com), October 09, 2001.

j.r. where will you "bugout" to?

-- Kenneth in N.C. (wizardsplace13@hotmail.com), October 09, 2001.

Excellent question Kenneth; I wish I had a definite answer.

No matter how bad things get, if you are already on your property, where you already have layed in supplies which won't require moving, hardened your home to invasion, staying put is good if you don't have a place to hide out. If you already own it, hard for authorities to kick you off, although presidential executive orders have some "solutions" for that.

Bugging out would only be last ditch survival in case of bio attack / nuclear threat. Solving those long term problems are beyond anything I can muster up, as well as most of the average home owners. Wish I had a more definite solution.

-- j.r. guerra (jrguerra@boultinghousesimpson.com), October 10, 2001.

You got that right j.r. We have looked into a lot of possible scenerios for bugging out. The best place would be the Oregon Forest. However that's about 2800 miles from here. I doubt we'd be able to get that far. I live next door to a national park. But as I posted a while back several nato vehicles have been seen hanging around here. Not to mention the 5 new trailer parks that have sprung up with-in a 10 mile radius. Over 410 new residents all thinking of the park as refuge.

As a community I doubt I could count on more than 5-10 people in a dire situation. I have the knowledge but not the manpower to keep out any undesireables. We can of course deter some for a short time.

Maybe someone else here has some alternative plans of action "Just in Case".

-- Kenneth in N.C. (wizardsplace13@hotmail.com), October 10, 2001.

When I mentioned bugging out as an emergency option, I meant it. To leave one's home and expecting not to come back for a long period of time, if ever, as in a nuclear strike would be the scenario I am thinking about.

The town I live in is only eight miles away from a listed tertiary nuclear target. A tertiary target is one designated by the enemy (then considered U.S.S.R.) as having no strategic value, but large enough population center to consider as a 'ransom' target.

The following bug out area I am about to list would be a long term solution for me. My ingredients for a location to hide from a world turned upside down would be:

1) A small town no larger than 5,000 pop., with strong farming community surrounding it, and is not dependent on any large employer. This town would have it's own fire department, police, and sanitation system. It's own water plant, located on an aquifer.

2) Not within the average tank of gas (20 gallons) from ANY large city. Not downwind of this same population center.

3) If located near a river, not downriver of ANY large city, industrial center, or large dams.

4) With relatives in the community with enough living space to accomodate our small family. The refugees from anywhere would become,I suspect, be suspicious to the residents of this town; having these relatives there helps to alleviate this problem.

5) Not in a national forest; the threat of potential forest fire would be difficult, though not impossible, to overcome. In a national emergency, the disruptions would not be regional, they would be nationwide.

6) As far away from a national border as possible. I suspect illegal immigration would rise astronomically. As bad as we would have it, the nearby foreign countries would probably have it worse.

So where would this place be? Beats the hell out of me. Easiest way to find this mythological place would be pull out a good almanac, and scribe a circle with a compass around all the large population centers. Take into account winding roads and steep grades, which eat more gas.

-- j.r. guerra (jrguerra@boultinghousesimpson.com), October 11, 2001.

The "bug out" place in my mind has always been the small town where my parents and all of my siblings live, only simply because that is where my heart is and those are the people I would choose to live or die with in extreme times.

-- mary (marylgarcia@aol.com), October 11, 2001.

JR; I'd like to know how to "harden" my place from their BIG guns!!!! I might be able to run off a couple of nogoods-----but the blue hel-mits have got a whole lot of bigger stuff .

-- Jim-mi (hartalteng@voyager.net), October 13, 2001.

This is one of those things I have been wondering about, too. Unless you are already very remote, their may be a time to leave....even if you are very remote there may be a time to leave.

Jim-mi...them blew helmits can't fight a guerilla war either. A defensible property comes to mind....Castles were always on hills, although I don't know if night vision technology has made that a moot point now.

Ah well, I believe I am with Mary on my bug out place.

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), October 13, 2001.

Mary; My well is powered by the wind / sun.....[big smile] Doreen; Remote sounds good but what is remote to a Blackhawk??? [or what ever the current chopper is]...A castle ....what an easy thing to aim at......Another person was/is posting about *bug out bags* .....ok so ya go hide in the woods.......after a couple days or so we're gonna be kinda hungry......watch out for the thermal imaging / night vision stuff......guess I might as well stay right here.....You can run...But you can't hide.........this is discourging stuff! yuck!

-- Jim-mi (hartalteng@voyager.net), October 14, 2001.

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