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I've decided that i want to change my career, having spent the past 10 years working in offices (i'm a marketing manager) all the while looking out the window wondering when i can get out in the sunshine and get into some physical activity, I've decided it is about time i do something about it. As a person who loves kids, loves sport and loves the chance to make a difference in peoples lives i thought i would follow a dream i had when i was at school - to become a Phys Ed teacher.

My question is - is it too late? I'm only 30, but i will not be finished my studies for at least 4 years! What are the opportunities for Phys Ed teachers in Sydney (i know that in 4 years time it could all be a totally different story). What is the salary like and how do you go about getting teaching positions after you finish your studies?

-- Kirsten Cargill (kirsten_cargill@hotmail.com), October 09, 2001


Kirsten, recently a nurse working locally asked the same question as you by approaching our Principal. We were happy to host her at our school (after the usual checks etc) for a couple of days' observation and work experience. Might I suggest that you ring or write to your local high school, where you might be able to spend a day or two first hand, talk to some PDHPE teachers(we're pretty easy going as a rule) and get some answers to your questions.

-- David Lumley (lumley00@tpg.com.au), November 01, 2001.

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