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I have several giant redwood root systems that I have been working on . Some are more than 25' long and equaly tall. Do you know a market for these incredable natural sculptures? Thanks George

-- George Buck (, October 08, 2001


this may seem a bit much but anything worth having or doing is certainly worth working for or twoards. so i am of the opinion that if one were to first clean with presure washer said Root then... perhaps sand blast or glass blast to polish it and then... useing linseed oil, in an airless sprayer, to bring the grain out and also to better preserve said Root Structure. You could then photograph the art piece and perhaps find a suitable buyer.

sincerely Rodney Lentz

-- RodneyLentz (, August 23, 2003.

please er-mail photos of the pieces you have. i would be interested in seeing them can probably come up with aproject to use them on also send price info. thanks sam

-- sam daloisio (, October 27, 2003.

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