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Contributors ask several times if there is a property auction database. THERE IS and I have found it.

To cite an example. HALIFAX auctions for November 2001 include:- CARDIFF 21st November. BIRMINGHAM 22nd November. LEEDS 28th November. DURHAM 29th November. BOLTON 30th November.

They never stop do they, more souls for the slaughterhouse coming up.

-- Little Piskie (, October 07, 2001


Yes, I have that site and bookmarked so that if ever I begin to feel slightly less angry I can look at some of the repossessed homes that are being given away, sorry, "sold". This exercise never fails to remind me that it must be worth all the hassle. A particularly good way of making your blood boil is to compare homes on with the site, where you can find out average property prices for similar houses in the same area. Put on steel toe-capped boots first, though, as violent kicking of walls etc can damage feet ;-)

-- Melody (, October 08, 2001.

Halifax make no secret of their 'auctioning' of properties. It's sickening.

-- (, October 08, 2001.

What some people fail to realise is that the more you help advertise these auctions the harder it is for the companies to undersell the properties so it would be a good idea to advertise them on this site also it is easier for people like us to keep an eye on what they are doing.Surely that must make good sense?

-- David Stevens (, October 22, 2001.

At last a person with a brain!!!!!!!!

-- steve (, October 25, 2001.

i think house auctions are excellent if you dont like it tough

-- karl stockley (, August 18, 2002.

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