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Finally had my bike fitted with the Arrow CRC performance exhaust system and initial observations are as follows: No dyno tests before or after installation but there seems to be a noticeable increase in low end punch that's followed by a brisker mid-range. I've been warned that this observation could be "psychological" due to the increase in sound but there's no denying the almost violent lurching effect when the revs climb off the bottom that was noticeably absent before. Hard to tell how the top end has been affected... The appropriate chip was installed with the pipe but the idle isn't perfect (as it was before); it seems to rise and fall and sort of oscillate when the engine is cold and doesn't respond well to abrupt throttle input. My mechanic says that there is room for fine tuning and I believe I will allow him to make adjustments. The rest of the rev range is free of hiccups and flat spots. The sound is awesome! For some reason the pipes sit about 2 centimeters lower than the stock ones. Has anyone else experienced this? The mounting brackets look like they may be adjustable but I'm hesitant to mess with them. Will be adding posts with further observations and (hopefully) upcoming dyno results.

-- Chris Eden (, October 06, 2001


A dyno of the stock vs CRC exhaust systems would be ideal. has a dyno graph of stock vs sil moto vs sil moto + spr chip Keep us informed on any further observations.

-- mod (, October 08, 2001.

I second everything you said, except for the part about the pipes sitting lower. I didn't notice this on mine. The mid-range punch was definately noticeable, but I had mine put on at the first service, so I don't know how much the serviceing had to do with it. I almost took it and had it dynoed last weekend (I have 2000 miles on it), but wimped out from riding to the dealer. I'll try to get it done sometime this fall.

-- Brad Cowell (, October 07, 2001.

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