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I have a hen that has been not right for almost a month. She seems like she has cocci. Back when she first was looking peaked I gave them all sulpomet, and also wormed them a few days later as they needed that too. There was one other hen with the messy butt, and she cleared up just fine. I put this one in iso and gave her another round of sulpomet, and she seemed to improve. yesterday she was looking really sickly and I snagged her and put her back in iso. She has somewhat greenish diarrehea and is dehydrated. Also her crop seems inordinately full. I gave her probios, a shot of penicillinG (1cc) and more sulpomet. She feels fevered as well. Is there cocci that just won't quit? Does anyone have any other things I might try with her?

-- Doreen (, October 06, 2001


Hi Doreen, I have heard that green color may indicate bacteria, not sure. I would be careful how much sulpomet you use if it is to treat cccidiosis. I know that different meds, such as Sulmet, are there for treatment, but they can be harsh on the birds, and not good in large amounts. I would definately give the penicillin, and maybe a stress type of mix in the water. (usually something for energy, vitamins, etc.)I have made stress mixes out of caro surup and half a kids vitamin smashed up and mixed in water. There are better mixes out there, but something is better than nothing. :-) Good luck.

-- notnow (, October 07, 2001.

Thanks for your advice, but I had to put her down. She was really bad tonight and losing color in her comb, feeling quite fevered and not moving and she wouldn't swallow any liquids. I've tried with a couple when they have been in this state before and they were too far really was the best thing to do, but it always makes me cry.

-- Doreen (, October 07, 2001.

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