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Have been following the various forums for sometime, though I rarely join in. Have been wondering/worrying about Kenneth and his Mother's health. Have not seen any updated postings since the middle of last month. Remaining in my prayers. Lacey

-- Lacey (, October 06, 2001


His mom is going in for a heart probe sometime this coming week.


-- K & S (, October 07, 2001.

I've been thinking of him and his mother too. I hope all goes well for them. I made another of those samurai road trips to Ohio/Indiana last weekend to see my grandmother, and she was not feeling well enough to see me when I got there. I'll try again in the next couple of weeks.

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), October 07, 2001.

Mom is not doing so well. She needs a heart catherization but is refusing to go through with it. She says God will take care of her now. She is afraid the Doctors will want to crack her open again. We know she has blockage but she isn't ready to listen to us.

Keep the prayers coming. I know she appreciates them.

-- Kenneth in N.C. (, October 10, 2001.

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