we have no kids at home now but we're still a "family" and maybe our experiences can help!

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My husband and I have four grown kids with families of their own (we homeschooled our last two!). I will be 50 in May and he is 57. (Although I feel just like I did when I was 20, only better!)

Anyway, maybe some of our experiences can help others!

Like I would advise everybody NOT to borrow on their homesteads once they get it paid for! Ours was paid for at one time and now we'll owe on it for an additional 12 years!!! That was a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR mistake no matter what loan companies and banks will tell you about credit write offs on your income tax and all that!

Once this place is paid off again there will NEVER be another mortgage on it if I can help it!!!!!

-- Suzy in Bama (slgt@yahoo.com), October 05, 2001


Thanks, Suzi!

-- Jennifer (none@none.com), October 05, 2001.

Suzy feel free to please post, and give us all advice if you feel the need. Hope you can get the place paid off soon. I hate having any debt over my head. But even if you feel it was a mistake, at least you have learned something and can help others too.

-- Melissa (me@home.net), October 05, 2001.

Suzy, I know the feeling about your kids. My "little girl" (all 6' of her) is off married and attending law school now. My "baby" (6'- 4, 225) is finishing his degree at Purdue with two wonderful job offers already in hand (and, yes, I'd be happy to take the salary of whichever one he doesn't want... I could use the raise).

It's nice to know some of us "empty-nesters" are welcome here, too.

-- Gary in Indiana (gk6854@aol.com), October 05, 2001.

Well Suzy in Bama, I think we have talked before (some forum) I am also 50 and homeschooled my girls all the way. One is in her second year in college and the other just started college but I feel we are still as much a family as before. Actually the weekends are grander now because they come home often so I plan nice family meals and we catch up on grooming their horses or the oldest helping her with her beehives. The youngest has several sheep and we worm, groom or what needs to be done together. So...all you who have little ones in no time they become big ones, give them all the love and support you can and they'll always be your babies (maybe someday I can play with grandbabies!)Debbie

-- Debbie (bwolcott@cwis.net), October 05, 2001.

This is a super forum, Im sure glad I found it. My family consists of me and my sister, I have two beautiful grown children who have no intrest in the countrylife at all. They were both homeschooled for several years. Now it is just me and Sandy,Im 46 Sandy is 52 she is disabled with a brain tumor but very functional so Im the only one who works outside the home. Welive a frugal lifestyle but still live paycheck to paycheck in the city. Hope to be on our own homestead in 2 years. Keep the good letters coming. Thanks Roxanne

-- Roxanne (Roxanne143@webtv.net), October 06, 2001.

I'm one of the "older" ones too. I'm in my 50's (late!). I feel I can contribute also and also feel I can learn from this site. You are never too old to learn! When you quit learning then you are truly "old". I appreciate the fact that us older ones are welcome here also.

-- Barb in Ky. (bjconthefarm@yahoo.com), October 06, 2001.

I'm as old as dirt! LOL! I'm in my late 50's and my children have children. Man, I love my empty nest! I see my family as much or as little as I wish and I thoroughly enjoy that. I'm here to offer all you young parents the same common sense advice I give my daughter when she asks for some. It is FAR more fun being a grandmother than being a mother!

-- Ardie from WI (ardie54965@hotmail.com), October 07, 2001.

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