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I would appreciate if somebody could explain to me in simple terms the concept of under and overexposing and how the results are translated on film and print.

-- efstathia (, October 04, 2001


Seems simple, if the aperture is open too much, you'll get overexposing, if it's open too little, you'll get underexposing. The results on film and paper will show one with too much burn time from the enlarger and the other with too little time. Hope these beers haven't marred me.

-- John L. Blue (, November 17, 2001.

the concept of under and over exposing is to alter the latitude of the film so that when you for instance you over expose the film there will be a reduction in the contrast of the film and it will become very dense in some areas which means that detail will be lost on the neg and consequently the neg will be termed as being very thin this will be difficult to print and will require a much harder grade of paper to boost the subsequent low contrast image left on the paper Conversely an under exposed neg works in reverse which means detail will be lost in the shadow areas as the film has not been exposed long enough to record that detail subsequent prints can be made on lower grades of paper hope this helps

-- Chris Carley (, January 02, 2003.

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