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I have a old Otis machine with a bad armature. The tag says Style 1 1/2S. The armature # is 5041-III-2. I can not find anyone with this motor or armature. My Question is what does the 1 1/2S mean I Know where I can get a 2 1/2S But I don't know if it would work. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Phone# 716-429-6676 Thanks DON

-- Donald J. Pfuntner (dgelev3@frontiernet.net), October 03, 2001


Otis pre-1940 (or so) DC motors for geared machines were divided into two primary groups the "S" series and the "ECK" series. The 1 1/2S was generally used as an auxillary motor for levelling although some were used for very small capacity cars (under 2000 pounds). I know that the ECK stood for Eickemeyer a Yonkers manufacturer od motors bought by Otis Brothers in 1892 and became the Otis Electric Company which, in turn was folded into Otis Elevator Co. I believe the 'S' series were made either by G-E under contract with Otis or in house at Yonkers. We can supply the armature for a 1 1/2S or rewind yours if the need arises again. Patrick A. Carrajat Chairman Certified Elevator & Escalator Products 1-800-221-9553

-- Patrick A. Carrajat (lickem@cblconsult.com), July 19, 2002.

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