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I know that the Rocky Mount ACL passenger station has been refurbished and was dedicated earlier this year and I stopped by back in June and shot a bunch of digital photos. My question is, did the society gain access to the building drawings and most importantly, if so can the society sell copies for modeling purposes. I want to build a 1/48th scale model for my layout and could really use the plans. What about it Gary, guys?

david in Orlando

-- David Wiggs (, October 01, 2001


Larry et al,

I forgot to mention this a long time ago after posting the original question about the RM station drawings, but I contacted the architect who did the drawings for the refurbishment and obtained soft and hardcopies. I paid for his reproduction and shipping costs for the hard copies that are scaled 1/8IN = 1FT. The soft copy files were emailed to me and are full size (e.g., 1FT = 1FT) but you need AutoCad version R14 (or better) to view and manipulate them.


-- David Wiggs (, January 05, 2003.

David, I am pretty sure that we do have a set of these drawings, or could get them from the city. The problem we have been facing with this and many other interesting items in our collection is getting them organized and filed, so we can retrieve them when we get requests like yours, and then the volunteer time and effort needed to get duplicates made and so forth. The good news is that we are definitely making progress toward those goals. I can't promise how soon we could make such a copy available to you, but we will put your request "on the list." Thanks for your patience.

-- Larry Goolsby (, October 01, 2001.

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