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Have any of you experienced paranormal experiences while in the outdoors? An inexplicable thing happened to Teh and I when we were mountain biking in the Ulu Langat forest reserve. Read about it here:

I've experienced other stuff too, like the beautiful house on stilts with a lawn that was lined with red hibiscus that Pat and I saw on the Janda Baik to Kg Chennah trail when we rode the trail in July 1999. We came back and rode the trail a year later, and found no trace of the house. Though we passed a section of the trail that looked as if it was where the house was, the place was all overgrown with bushes up to 10 feet high. I have since ridden the trail 2 more times, and have still not seen the house again.

Another unexplained event happened when I was about 15. My dad was a civil servant and avid angler, and through his connections obtained a pass to the Klang Gates Dam. On this day, we took his inflatable boat to the lake. We fished at a spot on the lake, and after a while decided to turn back. We continued for about 30 minutes, until we found ourselves back to the spot where we started. Now, the Ulu Klang lake is like a fjiord lake: steep sided hills and tenticular in shape. We were on one of the "arms" of the lake. To have found ourselves at the spot where we had started to turn back, and facing in the right direction, we would have had to make 2 u-turns without realising it. Perhaps possible on a wide, featureless expanse of water, but improbable when on an arm of the lake, which was only a broad as a large river. We continued on our way and 45 minutes later arrived at the landing point where we had parked the car.

So how do you explain these events? It was as though something had plucked us from the water and deposited us at our starting point. Where did that 30 minutes of our lives go? What would have happened if Teh had decided to take the left, rather than right turn (see story on the link)?

I'd be interested to know if anybody out there has experienced anything similar.

-- Joe Adnan (, October 01, 2001


Paranormal huh, there was this once in KKB pertak where i very much do ride alot those days year 2000. As usual me trying to to be the hero i went ahead of the pack about 5-7 minute lead. (This is a trail where we ride up and ride down the same way.)

And suddenly i came across this gory looking part of the trail really scary to me tht is coz i do belive in respecting the jungle coz theres always something u know but you just can't explain it. So it was this gory looking place covered with Kelapa plants and there were no palm oil tress there and bammboo all over the place forming like a tunnel like thingy something like tht and it was hot quiet and i felt strange and i had cold shivers.I just stood there not knowing wht to do it was very muddy big puddles and bamboo on the trail really striked me, then i zoomed down the trail back to where the riders were to meet them again and it took me about 10 minutes to meet up with them and remember i had about a 7 about a 500m minute lead (unormally cant tell how far u are isn't it)and defintely it would take me faster to go down.

Alright i got to them again and Kenny ask me whts wrong with you and i was like nuthing and he was like how come u look so pail looking and why u comin down so fast and i was like just wondering where were you'll and why it was taking you so long. When went up again it took me less than 5 minutes to push my bike up to the exact place and all the tress, the bamboos and all were like stacked up nothing strange at all and i'm so sure tht was the place where i stopped and i went back by and no tyre tracks ohh mann i just kept quiet and told them at the end of the ride.

Kenny said maybe u said something wrong to the jungle or it was just me and i was like no way i know i did actually see the strange formation but it just wasn't there anymore and in all the parts we cleared in the jungle the trail to make our trail clear while coming down were all different when we were coming down its always the same everytime we cycle up and cycle down again the trail somehow changes?

I'm not exagerrating but tht was one of it it really strike me and after tht i never ever did ride alone ahead mann always made sure soemone is with me hehe malaysian jungles strange is always strange..Heh i got another bukit kiara story but this one it was 7 at night and we had no way how to get out we were sorta lost and somehow there was something telling to go a correct way and we were lost for half hour in the and b4 u know it in the dark it was sorta dark we found a way out b-coz of a dog's bark and we can't seem to find tht dog where ever we go heh tht was one..

-- Johnnny be... (, October 08, 2001.

I think I can share my experience in here too. I like to go solo, be it on road or off road. It happened one day when I decided to do solo on the Mt. Erskine trail on one Sunday evening. The time was around 5.30pm. This Mt. Erskine trail is just next to the Chinese cemetary. And I don't why, I felt something strange about surrounding when I entered the trail. I felt someone was watching me. You know, that kind of feeling that someone is watching you but you can't figure out who is that bugger. The best thing I was the only one riding on the trail. Moments later I met one Chinese Ah Pek walking down to the the trailhead. At that time I was already at the middle of the trail, which was about 3km from the trail head. I stopped him and asked if he saw anyone at the end of the trail. He told me that he was the only one. So I thanked him and continued my journey. The spooky feeling got stronger as I went deeper into the trail. I don't know whether I should call it my paranormal experience. But every time I ride on that trail alone, I always have that spooky feeling that there are someone always looking at me from my back. It really gives me goose bumps!

-- Turbo Snail (, October 17, 2001.

I was told by a resident of Kampung Segambut Dalam that usually there is a beautiful lady standing on the rock by the Penchala river during Maghrib time.

-- IceCube (, March 17, 2002.

You've got my hair standing on end! Maybe I'll slow down at Penchala the next time I do a solo evening ride... NOT!

-- Joe Adnan (, March 18, 2002.

It was interesting reading your story.Well my friend what you have experienced is true.I have been involved in spiritualism for the past 20 years.I have learned under many masters.The answer is very complex one must understand we are not alone in this world. There many seen and unseen beings around us.What you have exeprienced about the house and the lake is that this beings are trying to communicate to you and trying to give you the understanding of their existence,most of the time they dont mean any harm.Many times after this kind of incidents something will happened in your life where your faith in god will be tested.This are warnings about whats going to happened in future.About the house ....becarefull in future when you are going to deal about your house sale,renovation or there might be some break in. Now about the lake .....its telling you not to waste your time in life as they are very important things to do because something bad that has happened in your family or life will happened twice.This are the warnings that those beings are giving you they actually dont mean to make you afraid.Its will not be easy for you to believe what I have told you, but friend ask me ......I am not a medium or a guru but I have learned all this from the best masters whom the world doesnt know.Thanks . Pls keep in contact with me .....I will try my best to pass my knowledge.

-- Robert Joseph (, March 31, 2003.

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