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Found some growing wild along a road in Lake Placid, FL. I know that ol - timey citrus groves used to have them planted between the rows. Dh's old aunt (died in 1982) used to eat them, but he had no idea how she cooked them other than "fried in bacon grease". Heck, everything that went into her kitchen wound up fried in bacon grease! Anyone have any ideas? Or links to Cracker recipe sites?

-- Mitzi Giles (, September 30, 2001


i used to raise them used them to make preserves like watermelon rind preserves,they were very prolific.

-- george darby (, September 30, 2001.

OK, I'll remember that; any other ideas? The guavas I brought back from the same trip are even now being cooked down for jam.

-- Mitzi Giles (, October 01, 2001.

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