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Does anyone have information on the history of McBee, North Carolina? Is the station still standing? Was that the SAL mainline? What was it before the SAL? Thanks

-- Richard H kearns (, September 30, 2001


The railroad line through McBee, SC, was opened in 1900 to connect the Richmond & Atlanta Air-Line RR in Cheraw to the Florida Central & Peninsular RR in Columbia, probably at the behest of the Williams-Davies syndicate in Baltimore, Md., who controlled the so called "Seaboard Air-Line System", of which the R&AAL was a part. Control of the FC&P was acquired in 1899, making the connection desireable.

-- Tom Underwood (, October 01, 2001.

Richard, you probably meant South Carolina. Yes, the depot is still there and houses a railroad museum. It's a typical Seaboard red brick structure and when I passed through there back in June, it was in good condition. McBee SC is located on the ex-Seaboard mainline between Hamlet NC and Columbia. I'm not sure what the predecessor railroad through there was. Hope this helps somewhat.

-- Bob Venditti (, September 30, 2001.

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