Are they still making deliveries?? Thanks James

-- james (, September 30, 2001


Yes the are. An emergency bill was passed to extend the time limit before the air carriers can choose to cut off shipping; however, the crisis still exists for next year.

You may find it diffucult to get chicks now because most of the hatcheries don't ship after September because it is too cold for the chicks.

I am getting mine this week from McMurray Hatchery. My order was on a plane that was grounded the day of the disaster and McMurray called me to give me the new shipping date. They still have some shipments, but are very limited right now. They only have available some heavy breeds and those are very limited. I don't think they ship anything after October.

-- Karen (, September 30, 2001.

mine were going to be shipped that week also,, but they changed the date till somtime in OCT,, but thats too late for me,, they would have had to been feathered by snowfall. So if anyone knows of any chickens in Michigan for sale or for free (better) let me know

-- stan (, September 30, 2001.

I am hearing conflicting stories James. Best to check it out for yourself. People say up and down they can get chicks, then they arrive late or dead or were sent back. Some can make it through, and from the stories, I can not peice a logical zone to any of it. One says that their PO will not take ANY chicks, but they may be in a northern region using the airline that refused the contract. I know what the senators say, but I wouldn't go on any sigle persons advice. Call the hatchery, then call the PO for your area and where ever else they may go.

-- notnow (, September 30, 2001.

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