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I'm not sure if this even is an ACL or SAL railine but I'm hoping some of you may have some info anyway. This was originally the Bound Brook Line? built in 1889 or thereabouts. The station is still standing and the line is now used by Amtrack commuters it is on Philadelphia's R3 or west Trenton Line. In late 1800's people would take the train from Phila to the Spiritual Assoc's Camp meetings (they talked to the dead.) Later in the 20's and 30's this property became Neshaminy Falls Park which was first an amusement park (with a scenic railway) and then a company/family picnic park. There was also a Roundhouse which disappeared sometime before 1930? Other neighboring parks were Penn Valley Park (a swim park 30's), Simpson Grove Camp meeting (late 1800's), and Garden Grove (30's?) to name a few. I would appreciate any info or photos any of you might have.

-- Christina Mellor (, September 30, 2001


Neshaminy Falls, Pa., was a station on the New York(via Bound Brook) line of the old Reading Co. RR., which is probably now a SEPTA operation. You need to seek out a Reading RR web site such as the Reading RR Technical & Historical Society. Another source of information might be the Bucks County Historical Society.

-- Tom Underwood (, October 01, 2001.

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