Which digital Camera allows a high fps rate

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Hi i'd like to know if any digital camera allows to make good slow motion with a hight rate of frame per seconds. Also i'd like to know if all DVcam, even the cheapest allows a manual focus

Thank you

-- fingerman (fingerman@wanadoo.fr), September 29, 2001


DV frame rate will allways play at 29.97 FPS. You can shoot at a higher shutter speed then play back at 1/2 speed, but even that wont look great. True film (8,16,35mm) allows for really high framerates, but it is expensive. there is a way to achieve good slomo in post, check here for a full tutorial. http://shumways.net/n/html/article.php?sid=25&mode=&order=0 . All DV cams will allow for some kind of manual focus.

-- Carleton (Karl151k@excite.com), October 01, 2001.

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