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Hows this for a Halifax Cock Up.

Two weeks ago after requesting all documentation, all they sent me was a completion statement. The amount they said they advance me originally was actually five grand lower than I borrowed, most odd. Also there was a charge for ground rent for 4000 for the 18 months it took them to sell the property. I have in my possession a statement I requested from the managing agents of the property confirming that the cost of ground rent for that eighteen month period was only 150. I THINK IVE GOT THEM BY THE SHORT AND CURLIES.

-- THEONEWHOWILLWIN (Meagain@Heavenwillhelpus.co.uk), September 29, 2001


Ok, well done.

The important thing is not to tell them about their mistakes. Keep them for when they have maximum embarrassment potential, which will be much later in proceedings.

Next step is presumably to reiterate your request for documentation.

Final point I would add is a word of caution. Be careful about writing specifics on this Q&A board. Lenders read it too, and so do their solicitors.


-- (bluemoon_andy@hotmail.com), September 29, 2001.

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