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I just had a chilling thought this morning. Foot and mouth disease is easily spread -- and could be purposefully spread by terrorists as yet another method to destablize the US economy. Imagine how easily it would be to sneak into the heart of agribusiness or a large farm and spread this disease. It would effectively destabilize food supplies across the country. Everyone keeps looking at obvious biological targets in the cities -- but what about using cropdusters to spread F&MD in the country, infecting multiple farms at once? Yet another thing we need to be vigilant of.

-- Michael Nuckols (, September 28, 2001


In spite of the way England handled the hoof and mouth outbreak, cattle can recover from hoof and mouth. There's more concern of anthrax (also a cattle disease) being used. If you recall, many of our military refused the anthrax vaccine.

-- ~Rogo (, September 28, 2001.

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