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I have been using B&W films that are processed in C41 for color films for about a year and have had great results. I use Kodak Portra B&W 400 and tc400. Recently, I heard that these new B&w films (not just Kodak) are not stable. This info came from a lab that really pushes their digital services and they recommened using color film then reverse it to B&W digitally. All I can say is that I use alot of the above film and have not experienced any problems, in fact. I love it! Does anyone have any info on these films not being stable? Thanks.......

-- Zack (, September 28, 2001


I am doing a photography course at the moment, and were have just finished our black and white course. Our tutor worked for a large magazine company in London, and said that she had had absolutely no problems with the C41 processing, and that she strongly recommended it to us. She aggreed that we should experiment with some of the other options but was full of praise. Good luck!

-- Rebekah Spalding (, June 05, 2002.

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