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The wildflowers are blooming like crazy in Oklahoma right now. I took a drive yesterday out to the place we are trying to buy. I stopped all along the way and picked bunches of beauties. These were all very common flowers from here. They sure look beautiful on my table though. I'm thinking of collecting some for drying. The Pecan trees are loaded with pecans right now, and the weather is just perfect. These days I get my children out to the country and they fairly blossom into country kids again before my eyes. The run, jump, yell, scream, and do all the things they can't do here on this little lot. My kids are like the poor wildflowers I picked yesterday, plucked up by their roots and stuck in a pot. The kids were amazed to see a huge spider out on the property. That spider was bigger than a silver dollar and was bright yellow and black on its huge back. It's egg sacks were the size of a large marble. What do they call those big marbles? Shooters?

Little bit farm

-- Little bit farm (littleBit@compworldnet.com), September 27, 2001

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