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Chins up everyone, more and more smart people are joining this list all the time. I think I am pretty smart with what I have discovered.

Firstly a clever way to catch them out over the question of retrospective valuations, they use the technique in their favour, but clver me has devised a way to use it in our favour. The trick to make it work for you goes like this.

Visit the Nationwide or any other site that has a property price index where you can put in the price for one year to see what the value is in a previous year, that way it works for THEM. Do it my way and it will work in your favour in a way that the courts will acknowledge and accept.

The first thing you must do when all they will send you is a simple completion statement is to take the date of original advance and date of sale. put the figure that you find in the original advance in the first box together with the year and quarter. then just put the quarter and year in the second box, press go and you will see a figure which is probably almost three times the valuation they say the property was worth when they sold it, you see that way you use their tools and techniques to give yourself a projected valuation. If you were not allowed to use it this way surely they would have programmed out such a facility, but be quick to do it and print it out before they cotton on that their own tools can be used against them and in your favour.

I have made an even more amazing discovery about many of the solicitors that are pursuing us. I have tested my theory a week ago and proved I am right. When I am ready I will reveal to you something so amazingly disgusting that reaches into the very roots of society itself. Beleive me, when I announce this to you it will frighten you into what fools the population has been for generations.

-- imsohappywithwotihavediscovered (, September 27, 2001


Sounds interesting! I wait with baited breath.


-- Lee (, September 27, 2001.

You really are clever, have just given your advice a go as at present i am in the process of fileing my defence & counterclaim thanks to all the advice i have received via this site. on using the Nationwide site & putting in the relevant details if the building society had actually sold the property for what it was worth i would have owed them nothing so it just goes to show that they definitley undersold it i will be using this information in my counterclaim form to the courts. court case - bring it on!

thankyou sunita

ps i look forward to your further findings why are some people so clever hey?

-- sunita (, September 27, 2001.

I Like that! The nationwide even give you a nice Excel spreadsheet to download with their name added to the Header & Footer. Here's the URL:

More ammunition for the 'War against terrorism’!

-- doing battle (, September 27, 2001.

Lee, I think you mean "bated" breath - if you wait with BAITED breath you might catch something ;-)

-- Melody Clarke (, September 28, 2001.

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