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How do I get the yellow stain out of my white rabbits coat so I can show him?

-- Judi Amon (, September 26, 2001


Many years ago I interned with a vet. He had to prescribe some purple medicine for one 4-H kid's show cow. He advised the kid to wash the medicine off with soap and water and use lemon juice to remove the stain before showing. Don't know if that would work with a rabbit, but would be a cheap, non-toxic option to try.

-- Lori in SE Ohio (, September 26, 2001.

i used to show my rabbits when I was younger and I used witch hazel to get the brown stains off.


-- anita (, September 26, 2001.

I have never taken stains out of rabbits, but I have taken almost everything out of clothes. I am a nurse who has used 'Go-Jo' or any kind of hand cleaner of that type, to remove stains. It even takes out chewing gum, blood stain, and the almost impossible- Betadine. It is about the cheapest stain remover I have found. You can find it for $1.00 at some discount stores, and although I have not used it on animals, I am sure it would work on rabbits, as it is made for humans to use on hands.

-- Bear (, September 26, 2001.

Perhaps you could take your critter to a municipal swimming pool in the nearest city and let it frolic in the chlorinated water. Worked for Michael Jackson! Time out - I think he went beyond that cure, but I haven't been exactly following his demise! GL!

-- Brad (, September 27, 2001.

remember once the kids showed the white turkeys at the fair. Washed them up, what fun that was, and put blueing on them and rinsed them afterwards. You can get this at the store. It is used to make shirts white. Also, just try dabbing straight bleach on it with a cotton ball. Might just work too, or can you do a hair cut to hide that spot ?? A "hare" weave might work in the bald spot. Sorry,,, bad joke !! Good Luck !!

-- Helena (, September 28, 2001.

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