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i'm being chased for 10,000 quid! voluntarily handed in keys in september 94. in june this year collection agency traced me. i've done data protection act stuff and halifax have been helpful. lost job in 94 but letter notifying me of sale of flat was sent to old job address in february 95 so i never got it. i handed keys in to local halifax with letter giving parents address for future correspondence. they have never used this address. i have a copy of it but its not dated. will they think i have created this letter if i send it to them? will it prove the six year rule in my favour? this site has been absolutely amazing and helpful. thanks!

-- (dav64@yahoo.com), September 26, 2001


good luck to you all

i really mean it.

-- Jasper Rowntree (Godwillhelpus@fsnet.co.uk), September 26, 2001.

From the brief details you have given I would say that definately trhe Halifax are time barred. Even if the 6 years went from the date of sale, which is questionable, then six years takes it to Feb 2001. You say that they traced you in June 2001 therefore they are out of time by virtue of their own announcement in Dec 1999 and the CML agreement that started on 11/2/00.

-- Matt (mattyc@ntlworld.com), September 27, 2001.

The six years could also start when you first defaulted on a payment, this is when the lender could have sued you and repossessed your property and taken you to court.This is also when the contract could have been broken. so the time for starting the six years could go back even further than the sale of the property.

-- mam (mam.ma@virgiin.net), September 27, 2001.

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