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i got a new book last night at barnes & noble... "a year in the life"... it's a guide to journaling, which i hope will help, because it seems all i ever do in my journals is bitch, and i'd like to be able to actually think things through and explore different ideas in my journals as a way to grow and learn. i've also been thinking a lot about how it is impossible for anyone to write without their work being somehow influenced by the intended audience before it's actually finished. when i write my journal, knowing what i know about who is going to read it, i will inevitably censor some things and emphasize others. i think when a journal has an intended audience, it becomes less true and less personal. but i also know that getting feedback on journal entries is a wonderful way to exchange ideas and explore different points of view. i wish i could write as if no one would ever read it, but i know i can't, even if i intend to not let anyone read it. that's a freedom i haven't been able to allow myself yet. ya know what i'm sayin'?

-- emily (, September 24, 2001


Response to journal politics

I know exactly what you're saying. If you publish a journal for everyone and anyone to read, you pretty much HAVE to censor yourself at times. That's a big reason most people hate for people they know in real life to read their journals. They don't need people they see daily knowing intimate details about YOU and what goes on in your mind.

I keep a paper journal as well as a web journal so I can also have an option to write ANYTHING without sharing it with everyone.. There are some things that need to stay with you.

-- Jen (, September 24, 2001.

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