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Mostly post oak with some mesquite and a little hackberry. The smaller mesqite limbs work great in the smoker grill. Smoked a turkey today. Turned out well. Slices really thin but not nearly so slimey as what you buy in packages at the store.

-- paul (, September 24, 2001


Sounds good We love good ole smoked turkey!! We are in the process of taking down limbs to put in our mobile home on my parents property and have close to 5 cords to sell. Around here 20 pieces of wood sell for $10.-$12. We hope to sell all of it. Its all oak, we are saving small pices to use in the smoker. Sandy and Mike

-- Sandy(N.E.FL.) (, September 24, 2001.

I sometimes envy you Yankees, you with the maple, pecan, oak, and other fragrant cooking woods. We have mesquite down here and use it pretty much exclusively for barbecueing (sp?), but we have a restaurant serving pecan smoked pork; man is it good. Almost makes we want to hunt down some second hand old pecan furniture LOL. Never tried hackberry, even though we have those type of trees here. Will have to ask around to see if good for cooking.

-- j.r. guerra (, September 24, 2001.

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