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I am 26(m) and I am, let me say, beginner in the swimming. I would like to learn swimming properly. I have been going to swimmingpool almost every day since last year. I have noticed that I have quiet poor technique. I can swim 5 Km without problem but I am qiuet slow! What should I do? Learn from a book, which one?

-- Sasa (santonijevic@ex.ac.uk), September 23, 2001


Subject: Learning Difficulties

Learning with arm bands first always helps - they help you with buoyancy and leg technique - once you have mastered the art of swimming with arm bands you could try a rubber ring. Once accomplished, try your new technique out in the sea among the sharks - I am sure your speed will improve then! I suggest you read books by Danielle Steele - she is rather good

-- Mr Hugh Jarce (h.jarce@hotmail.com), October 05, 2001.

if you can swim five kilometers you are doing something correctly....if you want to swim more fluidly...check out this website...


good luck

-- gerald (bliz@graceba.net), December 27, 2001.

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